Purposes and Goals of LULF for the Fiscal Year 2018


The LULF’s objectives are to unite Lao migrant workers in Thailand of all fields to protect the rights of migrant workers and to negotiate Increase wages, improve working condition, dispute resolution.

 LULF helps to protect human rights at places members live, work, and play.

LULF helps to prevent and reduce human trafficking in Thailand.

LULF helps to provide social services and basic needs to its members


2018 Goals:

  1. Finalize the 501 c3 status, functional Website and Apps.
  • LULF Annual Report & 2018 Bugeting
  • Finish Web content and give to Malichanh by 2/10
  • Open paypal and give to John info 2/20
  • Add donation button 3/1
  • Research App & development by 3/1
  • Develop Donation App 3/30
  • Apply for 501 c3 6/30


  1. Membership Recruitment (Network Marketing membership).
    • Print 100 LULF T-shirt (Blue) 3/30
    • Have Field trainer visit Burmese Union 3/30
    • Have Field Trainer visit Thai Union 3/30
    • Recruiter to develop outreach schedule weekly to recruit another 100 new members

(List Contacts and plan of visitations to Companies, groups, Associations etc.)


  1. Fundraising to cover yearly budget.
  • Coordinate Fundraising event
  • Appoint Fundraising Event Director 2/10


  1. Create programs for work skills training, employment, and social services programs.


  • Write programs’ business plan 3/30
  • Go to the UN to initiate LULF programs 4/25
  • Go to the UN, Human rights watch, Freedom house, Ned, State Dept. 2/25
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