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The Lao United Labor Federation, LULF, is an organization that predominantly consists of Lao migrant workers in Thailand. The organization was established in 2016 in Thailand. In 2017, the LULF officially registered as an international organization in the USA. The LULF’s main objective is to provide quality services for its members throughout the communities in which they live and work.


The LULF strives to unite Lao migrant workers who are members of all industries. We assist processes to enable workers to negotiate for higher wages, benefits and improved conditions in the workplace. In addition, we promote and provide educational services to its members and affiliates to advance in the workplace and in their communities in order to safeguard the economic security and social welfare of workers in the United States and in Thailand. We aim to engage in charitable and educational programs to promote Lao labor rights and human rights to strengthen economic conditions for our members and affiliations.


The LULF seeks out opportunities to cooperate with other organizations and the public in order to garner the resources required to empower its members and affiliations to advance at work and within their communities. The LULF works to provide training and promote its members so that they may advance in leadership roles in places of employment and in their communities.



Our Programs:


Leadership training program

“Training the trainers” is important to LULF members as it allows them to reach out to the scattered population of migrant workers throughout Thailand. LULF provides leadership training that focuses on Team Building, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Personal Development, Management, etc.


Educational Assistance Program

The LULF provides English as a Second languages (ESL), & Computer Proficient Classes. LULF gives out various sizes scholarship to members and families who are attending colleges and universities in Thailand.


Job Skill Training and employment services Program

LULF staff and volunteers provide job skill training courses for various vocations such as hotel management, bartending, plumbing, auto repair, sewing, and etc. Additionally, LULF helps members in preparing resumes, interview preparation, and job search strategies.

Labor Rights & Human Rights Development

LULF provides members with a basic knowledge of human rights and humanitarian standards using UN Human Rights training modules. LULF advocates for migrant workers’ rights and safeguards their opportunities to obtain decent and productive work, safety, and job security.

Human Trafficking Prevention Program

LULF facilities provide temporary shelter for human trafficking victims, forced labor victims, sexual slavery victims, and other trafficking victims. As part of the recovery process, LULF assists them in seeking safer, legitimate professions.

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